Wednesday, 17 January 2007

My 2006...

Well, I guess I thought I'd start by summarising what happened in the life of Clarina in 2006. A good way of looking back on the last year, and thanking God for his many mercies in my life. He is good!

1) Spent the majority of the year falling in love with the beautiful country of Austria
2) Read John Piper's "A God entranced vision of all things" - the most incredible book I've ever read (other than the Bible of course!)
3) Wrote and choreographed a travelling musical
4) Learnt to ski
5) Moved back to my beloved Nottingham
6) By the grace of God I survived a cancer scare
7) Learnt more of what it means to be fully reliant on my Lord Jesus.
8) Went white-water-rafting
9) Learnt to praise God for the joy it is to have friends like mine - friends who love me, rebuke me, support me and encourage me - you know who you are.
10) Spent a week on Contagious learning more about Gods justifying, sacrificing, atoning mercy upon the cross.
11) Rejoiced in meeting weekly with a gang of guys fondly known as "Lenton Cool" to study the bible together and share our lives. I am humbled by you people!
12) Learnt to ride my bike with no hands
13) Added 6 more states to my list of American states i've visited
14) Went to my first baseball game
15) Learnt to appreciate my family more
16) Went on a shooting weekend.
17) Made a best friend in Nicole
18) Kept a journal
19) Spent an incredible weekend being amazed by God's grace at the New Frontiers Conference "Gods lavish grace"
20) Enjoyed Wednesday accountability breakfasts with Sar.

Its been a good year, a year of ups and downs, but I've learnt perhaps more than ever before that God "hems me in behind and before" and that no matter what I face he is sovereign, loving and enough.

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  1. Love this list, adore how at least every second item is about your relationship with Jesus. Rock on! mich x


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