Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Project fun!

This is a project I undertook for my brother, sister and sister-in-law's christmas presents!!!

All you need:
An old school board/notice board/bit of wood
A staple gun
A glue gun

First of all, glue gun the wadding to cover the board so that it fits perfectly; cut any edges off! After you've done that, pull your material tightly over the wadding, and staple it to the back of the board with the staple gun. It's really important that it's tight, or else your wadding won't have the desired effect.

After you've finished the basic board, you need to staple/glue (or both to be extra secure) your ribbon in a criss-cross pattern across it... this is so that you can slip postcards and notes underneath so that they are held in place. It's then time for the fun bit - the decorating! I attached buttons and mini-pegs to mine, and a letter for my sister (her name is Kristin) to add detail and a bit of fun to the board.

Voila! You have lovely beautiful notice boards that cost about £5 to make (trust me - you'd spend a lot more buying one!!) and they're great because they're so personal and have the homemade touch!!

Would love to hear any success stories!

Signing off, Claire x


  1. Claire, are you really talking about christmaspresents???

    They are absolutely loooveley!

    Want to come round for my birthday?? ;-)

    xxx Cat

  2. Would love to come round for your birthday... last year's christmas presents... I'm not that stupid!!! :D Can't wait for your visit xxx


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