Monday, 14 November 2011


I have recently become victim to an incredible and dangerously addictive website called "Pinterest"... I am hooked on it and have spent silly amounts of time, that should have been spend hoovering, cleaning, hanging out the washing etc, drooling over amazing decor ideas and cool crafts that I want to try my hand it. It is just so COOL...

Here are my top 5 finds...
1. I simply LOVE this - a wooden ladder as a display shelf? What a brilliantly, original idea! I immediately thought of the wooden ladder we have in our garden and planned to paint it and put it up as a shelf in the lounge, but unfortunately, I think it's too long (plus, it would mean we had no way to pick our apples!) SO sadly this is a project on hold until I hunt down an appropriately sized ladder... but watch this space!

2. I know we're a while off school with Ava, but I plan to do this for her when she starts playgroup/nursery. Every September (right up until she's 18 if she'll let me!) I'll trace her hand and watch her grow from year to year. A lovely memory to keep and help her see herself growing up! Cute idea, huh?

3. There are SO many great ideas with scrabble tiles at the moment - cute pictures, like this, coasters, necklaces, door signs... the list goes on. I'm now scouring every charity shop in the neighbourhood for a £1 game of scrabble, just so I can take all the letters and create pretty things around the house!

4. I'm definitely making this one - Met - Married - Live. What a lovely present for the husband, or even as an anniversary present for some good friends/parents etc. All you need is a map, a cute frame and a pair of scissors... another present on a budget. Who thinks up these cute ideas???

5. This is my ABSOLUTE favourite - isn't it amazing? Stocked up with little hand-sewn and wooden food items. Forget paying £60 for a plastic kitchen that will keep your girlies amused for half an hour, instead, use cheap IKEA shoe racks, some wood and a bit of material to create this amazing shop! My sister and I LOVED this game growing up, and I'm hoping Ava will do likewise. I simply LOVE it and intend to make one for the girly in a couple of Christmases time!!!

So, I have officially been "pinspired" and I intend to keep surfing (with a time limit!) because somewhere in this world are some incredibly creative people who have amazing ideas that I can steal!!!

Signing off to go and make something!

Claire x

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