Thursday, 9 February 2012

The final list...

This is the final list... I promise! My cleaning planner has revolutionised the way I approach the housework this year. In previous years, it was a bit sporadic... some weeks I'd clean the bathroom 4 times, other weeks it would be once a week (and I'm sure there are occasions, though I hate to admit it, where it was less often than that...!) I'd hoover when the house looked like it needed hoovered, and dust when I noticed a thick layer of grey appearing over the furniture - YUCK! And as for deep-cleaning, you know, that "spring cleaning"... well, I just didn't do more than the aesthetics!

Thanks to Sarah at Clover Lane, who I now feel is a friend even though I've never met her, I nicked this INGENIUS way of making sure I never get the need to "spring clean"... you know, that HUGE job where everything has to be stripped back and cleaned and it all feels incredibly overwhelming. Nope. She's got a great way of doing things bit at a time (just check out her 40 bags: 40 days challenge - I'm gonna try it this year!) As always, there are multiple lists involved...

1. Weekly cleaning schedule
This one looks something like this...
Monday - Wash day - bedding/towels, ironing
Tuesday - Clean bathroom
Wednesday - Wash day - whites
Thursday - Dust and hoover upstairs
Friday - Dust and hoover downstairs
Saturday - Wash day - colours/darks

I don't think that needs any explanation...

2. Deep Clean schedule
Week 1: Our room
Week 2: Ava's room
Week 3: Guest room
Week 4: Bathroom
Week 5: Kitchen
Week 6: Lounge
Week 7: Dining room
Week 8: Hall and porch
Week 9: Landing
Week 10: Craft room

I then have a list which breaks down exactly what that deep clean involves, and again nicked from Sarah, I give myself the whole week to gradually work through that list... If Monday's pretty free, I might get the whole DC done on Monday, leaving the rest of my week nice and free, but for some of the bigger cleans (i.e. the Kitchen), I need the full week to tackle it.

Of course, once I've completed week 10, I'm back to week 1, which means every room gets a thorough clean out at least every 10 weeks...

For more on this, check out Sarah's blog; I can't rate her highly enough!

Carpe Diem!

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