Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bathroom Reveal Part One...

So, the moment of truth... the bathroom has had a complete makeover and looks A BILLION times better! I was bargain hunting left, right and centre and had a lot of fun trying to make a small amount of money stretch a looooooong way. Mission accomplished... although I did go £10 over budget! Oops. Still... it was well worth every penny!!!

Seriously scabby bath panel 

I am the HUGEST fan of tongue and groove... it's just SO pretty... and the new flooring is 100x better! The
bath panel was our most expensive buy by a long way at £47. I don't regret a single penny of it though!


Useless shower holder that was designed for small children... we didn't fit under
it (and I'm not exactly tall!) 

I knew I wanted to get a shower rail that we could slide up
and down... good old B and Q purchase again at £16.99... and we finally have a blind!


So chuffed with the blind... I think it was my fave buy! It cost me the grand total of £5... BARGAIN!
Tomorrow I'll show you the other side... The only thing still unfinished is the toilet seat... the beautiful orange one still remains! But I have a new one to pick up at the weekend! Then it will all be complete...

I am SO pleased :D

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  1. Well Clarina, yet again you have transformed a space to be cosy and lovely - great job! I'm dreaming about a poppy motife in my room, but scared about shopping for it and spending too much money! I'd love to come and see you? Beth was mentioning about a south-bound trip one weekend?? x


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