Thursday, 5 April 2012

NWA Day 5... Reflections...

What a fantastic week! There is something incredible about gathering together with 4000 christians to learn more about God, sing his praises, enjoy each others company and serve together. As I look back on another week of NWA, I find myself asking the same question every year...

How is it that I can go to a conference for a week, sing until I'm hoarse, be active from 7am til midnight, lead a team of ten 13 year old girls, prep a small group, care for a conjunctivitised baby, be interviewed, MC an evening meetings, and yet still come home feeling rejuvinated, refreshed and so unbelievably alive...?

The answer?

The Gospel.

This week, I have been reminded that...

1) God is faithful, even in trying circumstances.
2) That even the most carefully laid plans can be ruined, but that their ruin can work out for the best
3) That I am proud and place too much of my value in my daughter's health/popularity/cuteness (puffy, red, gunky eyes are not so very cute!)
4) That Jesus redeemed me, paying the ransom price so that I could be returned to a relationship with my Father in heaven
5) That Jesus justified me, meaning that when God looks at me, he delights in me, loves me, rejoices in me, just as if I'm Jesus!
6) That my pride is a load of rubbish, because I bring nothing to my salvation except my sin!
7) That there is a generation of young people, following Jesus, who are rebelling against a culture which tells them they need to respect no-one and care about nothing
8) That the gospel will prevail because it is God's plan of salvation for the world

I thank God for New Word Alive, and am looking forward to next year already!
Bring it on!

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