Friday, 4 May 2012

CWOA: Redeemed at last!


So... after much too-ing and fro-ing between CWOAs PR department and our advocate, Nicole, we have finally received decent  compensation from CWOA...

We are now the proud owner's of free tickets and priority passes for another trip to Chessington. A much more appropriate response than the £5 sweets voucher I feel... Nicole has been an absolute star and fought our corner tooth and nail, and it was all worth it in the end.

We can now sit back and laugh about the whole fiasco!

This was Nicole's report of what happened...

We cut to the chase about compensation.  She said that they could only offer us a £5 voucher each to spend in the shop.  I pointed out that the cost of this to them was less than £5 as it includes profit margin and I felt v offended by this.  She then said they could offer us priority passes for a future visit - I said we didn't really feel like coming back any time soon given the way we were being treated.

At this point I said that my friend stuck with me was a prolific blogger and, having blogged about our experience, had received several expressions of disbelief at the way we had been treated.  This wasn't good for CWOA PR so how about free tickets so that we could return again and have a better experience - we would then be minded to let all the people following our plight know that Chessington put it right.

She then offered 75% of tickets on a return trip.  I said this was getting ridiculous - was I expected to haggle with her on the level of discount?  Said, look, we're both v busy - how about you just give us all free tickets with priority passes and then you can just finish this call.  She said yes!  At first she would only do 4 for those of us actually on the ride but I said that the 3 people not on the ride had also had their day ruined by the stress of looking after the babies.

So, we have 7 free tickets plus priority passes being posted to me!

She asked if she would have to phone all the others, I said I was pretty sure that wouldn't be necessary but asked for her number in case anyone else wants to speak to her. Poor girl, I actually feel a bit sorry for her!

Hope that's ok with everyone - how about we go again before the school summer holidays?!  Can't promise I'll be going on Dragon's Fury again tho.......


I'm with Nicole on that one!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone! I now officially put an end to our Chessington fiasco. All has been made right, and I'll be sure to report on what I hope will be a very enjoyable return trip to what is, at the end of the day, a great fun park!

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