Wednesday, 6 June 2012

JF Camp: Day Two...

Well, the rain may be seriously dampening the grand outdoors, but it isn't dampening the spirit here at JF camp. Serious levels of fun, great teaching, fantastic small group discussions and copious amounts of food and tuck cannot be put off by the rain! Yesterday, 21 young people braved the weather enthusiastically as they set off to complete their Jubilee mission in Horsham. Mrs Competitive that I am, I was so excited to go (especially as our team are currently miles in the lead - woop woop! Claire... set an example to the children!!) but Bubba decided to grow a new tooth yesterday, resulting in a fairly sleepless night, great amounts of whinging, finger sucking and general grizzliness. As a result, Bubba and I waved farewell to the masses and had a quiet afternoon playing (while Mama felt very sorry for herself that she was stuck back at base camp while her team were in the throws of a competition!)

Oh well, these things happen!

Having a fab time with a very encouraging, lively and enthusiastic bunch of young people!

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