Friday, 6 July 2012

Dedication weekend...

This weekend, David and I will be doing something big... something we've intended to do for a long time, and in a sense, something we have been doing already for a long time. But this weekend it goes public...

It's Ava's dedication...

What is a dedication? It's partly thanksgiving for the gift of Ava - thanking God for all his provision in her safe arrival, and in the way she has grown and developed and brought such joy to us. It's also us dedicating ourselves to bringing her up in the Lord... we can't make Ava a christian. No holy water, or special blessing, or promises we make will be able to do that. The decision to follow Christ is a decision she will have to make herself (but oh - we pray she will!)

It's also an opportunity to ask for the Lord's help... I don't think there's anything like parenthood for revealing your sin - your pride (I want my 11 month old to make a good impression, and when she doesn't, I feel frustrated with her, that people might judge me for that), your patience (when you're up 2 and a half hours in the night and you've literally tried everything) and your weakness (how do I actually DO this parenting thing?! What are the tricks to turning out healthy, well-rounded, secure adults?) Somehow, relying on the Lord takes the pressure off me. Ava doesn't have to be perfect - my identity doesn't have to be found in her, its found in Him... God gives me patience (because he is OH SO patient with me!) and He gives me the freedom to say "I don't know how to make healthy, well-rounded, secure adults... but praise God that he does" I have the freedom to learn on the job, to make mistakes and rely on his grace.

So this weekend, as we celebrate the gift of Ava, and dedicate ourselves to pointing her to Jesus (what a HUGE task) we will be relying, more than ever, on God's grace and patience and mercy with us. And thanking Him for blessing us so abundantly.

I'll fill you in on how it went on Monday!

Happy weekend everyone!

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