Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nice pretty notebooks...

On Sunday night, after all the mayhem and madness of Ava's dedication had calmed down, Catrin and I sat ourselves down looking for a project. It is true to say neither of us are very good at sitting down and doing nothing... so a creative outlet had to be found!

We unearthed some plain notebooks (the ones I used to make these journals at christmas) and got out all our nice papers to create some gifts for family's/friend's approaching birthdays! We made pretty covers with card and pretty paper, and then filled the notebooks with little quotes and decorations on every other page... quite sad, afterwards, at the realisation I would be giving it away!

It took us an hour and a half to put them together, but we were both very chuffed with the outcome...

Blank notebooks, as always, from my FAVOURITE catalogue at Panduro, Cath Kidston stickers and envelopes and an assortment of nice card, paper and ribbon! All you need for a creative and productive hour and a half!

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  1. you are just too talented Miss Claire! Beautiful gifts to treasure. x


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