Wednesday 29 August 2012

Ikea and Quiet Times...

Given that our daughter is now standing, cruising and into EVERYTHING, a trip to IKEA was called for on bank holiday Monday in order to purchase some kind of storage system for our sideboard that she can't get her little hands on!

We own this piece of furniture...
and I have a whole load of storage baskets along the bottom with Ava's books and toys and books and books in them (yes... this kid has a lot of books! One basket for German books, one for Norwegian books and one for English books!) but its the little open sections at the top she's been having a lot of fun with lately... grrr...

Anyway, as said, we headed to IKEA for some kind of storage box for the top little sections as well, and after much searching and lots of trying to shove overly large boxes/baskets/trays into the tiny space, we finally found something that was practical and not overly terrible on the eye and headed home (only after sitting down for swedish meatballs, and, of course, buying an awful lot of other "essentials" that we hadn't intended to buy but were "absolutely necessary" for our lives to be worth living - by the by... a lot of shops could learn a lot from IKEA in terms of seducing customers into buying unnecessary items and leaving the customers feeling like IKEA is still the best deal IN THE WORLD, but that's another story...)

We headed home and I had a fun afternoon organising and tidying and putting away, and we now have organised boxes for language books and quiet time stuff, so when its time for my morning devotions, I can just whip out my box and there is my bible, journal, Search the Scriptures book, highlighters and coloured pens etc.

On that note... I've hit a bit of a wall at the moment with my quiet times... I've been working my way through Search the Scriptures which is FAB and I love it and I would recommend it to anyone, but I think I need to do something different for a little while to keep things fresh (you can work through Search the Scriptures in 3 years, so I find I need to take a break every now and again to do something different!) Any suggestions? This year, I've been loving Ken Gire's "Moments with the Saviour" and have worked through a couple of study books (Dale Ralph Davis and Iain Duguid are my faves for commentaries) but would really appreciate any suggestions anyone has?

I'd love to hear your ideas, and at least now, I know anything I do decide to do won't be grabbed at by little hands!

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