Monday, 3 September 2012

Beautiful bicycle!

For my birthday, this year, Dave bought me a lovely bicycle! We only have one car and so this past year I've been traipsing the streets with buggy in tow, but finally Ava M is big enough for a helmet and could sit on the back of my bicycle... so for my birthday I got a bike, and for Ava's birthday, she got a helmet...

This past week and a half, Ava and I have been out for lots of bike rides, and  the little lady is absolutely loving it. Normally fiercely against any kind of head gear (sun hats, headbands etc), she breaks out into the biggest grin whenever I put her helmet on her... she seems to know what's coming! She chatters away to me as we cycle along saying a lot of "wow" and "uh-oh" (depending on if we see something interesting or go over a bump!)

Poor Dave is still awaiting a new bicycle... we had our bikes nicked a couple of years ago from our old flat and we never got round to replacing them (what with moving house, having a kid etc etc!) so while Ava and I have been loving roaming the local area on our bicycle, Dave has been either waiting at home, or braving it in the grand outdoors in my Dad's old helmet and my Mum's bike! I did get his permission to publicize these photographs, but he's not exactly loving the look...!

So I'm going to make the most of my bicycle for the next few months, before I get too humungous, and before the new little one arrives! Then I think we'll have to purchase one of these...

Fun times!


  1. Sounds like you are all having a lot of fun with the bike rides! It's a great family activity to enjoy together.

  2. What a cute family! How fun :)


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