Thursday, 6 September 2012

New term... phew!

Yesterday I started back at school... I still get that start of term excitement and anticipation. I still get a thrill from a new pencil case and the smell of new books that are yet untouched! There's something special about a new school year - its a blank canvas, a fresh start... and even though I know I'm only back for half a year, I'm looking forward to working with, as Jack Black famously calls them, "minds for moulding"!

Of course, a new term also means back to the grind... the end of lie-ins as my hub takes Ava off to give me an extra hour in bed, the end of lazy days at home, but I always find I'm ready to get going again. My batteries are well and truly recharged, I've just entered my second trimester (the best one in my opinion!) and I'm raring to go. Good thing too... check out the length of my to-do list!

Yes, thats what happens when you let things go over the summer! You end up with a list as long as your two arms put together... but at least I'm (hopefully) over the sickness now and have a bit more energy to get on with it!

Hope all your start of terms are going well!


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