Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Out in the sunshine...

This weather is so beautiful... we have been making the most of the sunshine and spent most of today in the grand outdoors! Yesterday morning, after a lazy start, Julie, Nicole and I (and the babies of course) headed into Bregenz to do some shopping. I always stack up on books when I'm here... its cheaper than trying to order German books over Amazon, and I've got some really nice bedtime story books for Ava for less than 3 euros each... bargainous!

We then headed to the Pizzaria for lunch and sat out on the terrace enjoying the sunshine... the babies tucked into a margharita pizza between them and we had a real feast!

After lunch, we headed back up to the Fluh for the babies nap time. After putting Ava down, Kaya suggested we go out and sunbathe on the trampoline. It was so nice to lie there in the sunshine and catch-up with her. Its amazing to think this is the same little girl who I looked after here when she was two... putting her to bed, getting her dressed, singing all day long, taking her to Kindergarten. It made me realise how much time flies, and that soon I could be lying in the sunshine on a trampoline with my own 9-year-old Ava having a heart to heart (I hope so much we have that kind of relationship). It reassured me as well, though. Sometimes I find it scary to think of Ava growing up... I just want to put time on pause and enjoy those bedtime snuggles and giggly days... but time with Kaya today reminded me that every stage is precious and brings its own challenges and special moments. Its a joy to watch these little ones grow up into sweet-natured, sociable and happy young people.

After the babies woke up, we headed over the border to this beautiful herb garden in Germany... the girls enjoyed crawling/toddling around finding flowers and picking grass, Leon enjoyed running around with the dog, Kaya enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny and us adults just enjoyed nature and each others company.

It was a great photo opportunity as well!

Today we head back home to England after our short but sweet trip to Austria. I'm not sure I'll make it back again before our next arrival, but coming back always reminds me of how special my year here was, and how precious it is to have lifelong friends from different backgrounds. This country will always be incredibly special to me, but for the most part, thats because of the great friends that I have here. I will miss you guys! Thanks for always making us so very welcome! Until next time!

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