Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bubba in training...

Ava is my little helper... after two weeks of nasty buggy things in the house, its nice to have my little girl back to her normal, chirpy, helpful self. This morning I had left a load of washing by the washing machine ready to go in... 2 minutes later I turned round to see my 1 year old packing it for me!!

Encouraging Ava to be helpful at home is something I'm really keen to do. She loves to help with the hoovering, dusting and mirror cleaning and will even have a go at unpacking the dishwasher (of course, only once I've removed the cutlery and breakables!) I know it won't always be like this... I know in a few years I'll be nagging her to do her bit... but I love the fact that right now, all she wants to do is be involved and hands on.

Allowing Ava to help me means things take a little longer... it occasionally means things need to be washed again (after a plastic spoon is removed from the dishwasher into her mouth, for example) and it often means a little bit of extra clearing up afterwards. But isn't it worth it? What a joy to be able to teach my little girl to look after a home so that one day, God-willing, she can do it all by herself!

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