Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Heading North...

Yesterday we travelled the long haul up to the Midlands and are so excited to spend the next few days enjoying the beautiful Derbyshire peaks, catching up with uni friends and seeing family!

Here's what our journey involved...

Ava was as good as gold and barely whinged the whole journey. What a little star!

Highlight of the day?
Before bedtime, I was showing Ava some pictures of cousins we'll be seeing in a couple of days and asking her what they were called...

Me: Immy
Ava: Im-my
Me: Beth
Ava: Ba
Me: Jacob
Ava: Dorkav

Hmmm... not sure how Jacob will feel about that one!!

Today we're heading to Nottingham... back to the old student haunts!

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