Friday, 26 October 2012

Pin of the Week: Getting set for Bonfire night...

Don't you love the scent of woodsmoke? I was out for a walk with Ava the other day and I breathed in that smell; that crisp autumn air, damp leaves and woodsmoke smell. It was awesome. And it made me all excited inside at the thought of Bonfire night. I love bonfire night. The sparklers, the fireworks, the hot chocolate, the opportunity to wrap up in hats, gloves and scarves and head out for the evening!!

So, of course, I turned to my good old friend Pinterest for some pinspiration!!!

Here's what's in if you wanting some inspiration for a bonfire night party this year!

Breadsticks and chocolate fingers mixed up with a bit of coloured icing!
Terribly unhealthy and YUM!
Homemade hot choc!
Cute firework decorations
Sausages wrapped in sesame filo pastry with pepper on top. So cute...
Leave out a basket of snuggly scarves and socks! 
Bit of craft for the little ones!

There's some ideas anyway... we're off for the week - HALF TERM! Heading up to beautiful Derbyshire, so will be posting some pics of our adventures in the Peak district next week!

Watch this space!

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