Saturday, 3 November 2012

The celebrated beauty of Chatsworth House...

The beautiful Chatsworth House
"The celebrated beauties of Matlock, Chatsworth, Dovedale and the Peak", as Jane Austen refers to them in my all time favourite novel "Pride and Prejudice"are just some of the sights we have been enjoying over the past few days. This part of England is truly stunning, and we took some time today to soak it all in, heading to Chatsworth for a lovely walk amongst the "Baa"s and the "Quack Quack"s, interspersed with the occasional shout of "Baum!" (tree) and the not so welcome "Auto!" (car). 
Beautiful autumn sunshine makes for a lovely walk with my favourite two people 
We encountered lots of "Baa!"s en route...

23 weeks and toes nearly out of sight!
Amidst all this excitement, Madam, who was trialling our friends rucksack carrier, began to be lulled to sleep by the bleating, fresh air and Papa's footsteps...

Bless her, she was so out for the count, that even when we stopped at the carriage house restaurant for hot chocolate and a rest, she continued in her peaceful slumber!

This afternoon, we wandered around Matlock, stopping and looking in lots of little, lovely craft shops (this is where my husband is an absolute star and lets me browse to my heart's content while he pushes the little lady around to keep her occupied) Let's just say after Chatsworth Gift Shop and Matlock's High Street I am feeling all inspired for some Christmas Creativity! Watch this space!!

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