Thursday, 6 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas 4: Homemade Cards with Wilma from "Little Green Tree"

Today I'm excited to introduce Wilma to you. Wilma set up her own business in the summer this year and creates beautiful homemade cards for a variety of purposes. She particularly enjoys making customised cards for specific individuals, and is going to share one of her lovely Christmas Cards with us today! Over to Wilma...

This little Christmas design uses a verse from the new carol "Joy has dawned upon the earth" and uses lots of red and sparkles - two necessary Christmas accessories!

Step One: Gather your equipment!
These are the bits and pieces you need to get things started! I downloaded templates (you can find these online) and copied them onto corrugated red card before cutting them out...
Other equipment includes scissors, punches, glitter, embossing ink and 2 buttons.

Step Two: The labels
I created two 'labels' - one large and one small, both of which had the words of the carol printed onto them (you can find the words to this modern carol here). I dipped the two labels into red embossing ink and then sprinkled on the powder to add extra sparkle, before heating them to seal the powder. I then punched little holes at the top of them.

Step Three: The buttons...
I threaded a little button from the label and attached it to the card with the little 3D foam squares which creates a lovely raised effect.

Step 4: Final touches...
Once the labels and top button are in place, I attached another smaller button at the bottom and fixed the heart and star in place, which I dipped in silver embossing ink for added effect, before finally embossing the edge of the card with the red ink and powder

Once all the bits are prepared, it doesn't take long to put the whole card together!

Hope you have a Christmas full of love and joy!

Wilma x

Thanks for joining us, Wilma, and for the gorgeous, creative, christmassy idea...

You can check out more of Wilma's beautiful creations here, and even make some Christmas purchases!

Back tomorrow with another Creative Christmas Countdown idea!

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