Friday 11 January 2013

The potty diaries: part 2

I have been questioned and questioned over the past week about our potty training fun! And seeing as I'm busy working on Ava's new room, but not in a place to show you all yet, I thought I'd give you a little Friday update before the weekend!

We have the number 2 department nailed. With the exception of one incident (which was TOTALLY my fault - she told me she needed the potty and I ignored her... convinced she couldn't possibly need it again! I felt AWful...) As I was saying, with the exception of that incident, I have not had a dirty nappy in over a week. Tell you what, it is SO nice not to be dealing with those nappies anymore (I know, I'll be back to square one with the next one in less than 8 weeks! I'm making the most of it!)

However, we're still a long way from nailing the number one department.... It seems at 16 months, Ava doesn't quite have the control to communicate she needs to go and let me get her there in time. Resulting in a lot of "oh no!", "oh dears!" and "uh-oh's", a huge pile of wet washing and a rather frazzled Mama. So we have decided to step back from the intensive training, keep the positive relationship with the potty and put it on the back burner for a few months before we try again in the summer... I'm not giving up entirely. I will still put her on the potty every time she tells me she wants to go, and I'll still stick her on it first thing and last thing (which are generally our successful times.) The intensive training was getting a little much, especially when I'm just not sure her little body is physically capable yet.

Still, I have NO regrets about giving it a go. We are now totally clean, if not dry, and Ava loves the potty so it's been a really positive experience that I would definitely do early with the next one too.

Thanks for all your encouragement and cheering on... We're going for a more relaxed approach now, but the potty will still be a part of our daily life whenever she asks for it!

PS - after posting this, this morning, our previous Pastor, John, forwarded me this article he discovered... apparently it will solve all our potty problems!!

Introducing the new iPotty! Click on the picture to read Apple's latest invention!!

Thanks John!!

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