Friday, 22 March 2013

Back to life... back to reality...

We've made it... made it through our first Papa-less week. I've made it through my first week alone with two little ones. Well. Almost. My Mum, as always, has been an absolute star and has been with us most mornings. Ava has learnt to climb out of her cot with the help of the bathroom stool, her Tripp-trapp and a helping hand and "The Plan" has been well and truly put into action!

We are slowly entering our new normal... our new rhythm. Heidi is so good. She sleeps and feeds and sleeps and feeds and is so contented. Its incredible to think that she is doing so much growing that 20 hours sleep in every 24 hour period is necessary. How intricately designed these little Bubbas are. She is so perfect and just fits. Life without her is already fading dimmer in my memory.

Ava is adjusting well - she showers so much love upon her "Schwesterchen" -  wanting to cuddle and kiss her and hold her hand all day long. She has also become busier with her own babies. They get read to, nappies changed, fed raisins (!) and told off. She is still my little helper. Heidi sleeps so much that Ava is largely unnaffected. Mama still has plenty of time for her, and I know that is such a blessing.

Reading to her "babies"
Ava's finding Mama's physical inability harder to deal with though. How do you make a 1 year old understand that its not that Mama doesn't want to lift her up and give her a big hug, doesn't want to cuddle her as she lowers her into her cot, doesn't want to carry her up the stairs... but can't? Another four weeks recovery to go seems like forever. At the beginning it broke my heart as she would just hold her little arms up and cry, and me getting down to her level to cuddle her just didn't seem to cut it for her. Now she's got savvy and thats the challenge... she knows that Mama can't react so quickly, can't launch herself across the room, can't chase her, and she's making the most of the opportunity to get her own way... so we're having fun and games in that department at the mo...

Ava M sporting her first ponytail! She headed off to "Tots" yesterday with Nanny so Mama and Heidi had a quiet morning in! 
Its all change. A new way of functioning as a family. An adjustment for all of us... but one we are loving, and cherishing and so grateful to God for. Our little bundle is such a joy and so precious to each of us.

Our little Heidi S

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