Saturday, 2 March 2013

Game on...

Well, I'm in hospital after being admitted last night as our little acrobat decided to show off its gymnastic skills once again! The good news is that my polyhydramnios has resolved itself... The bad news is baby is somehow still finding a way to turn somersaults!

So, after seeing the consultant, they have decided I am to stay in until Monday, with the hope that baby will settle head down and then they can induce me. If baby is still having a merry old time in there, they will do a C-section early next week.

Somewhat different to my very straightforward, textbook water birth with Ava, but feeling very much at peace and prayed for and calm. We know God is totally in control and there is no safer place I could be right now...

Any suggestions for how to stop yourself going insane with boredom during a hospital stay?! Very welcome!

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