Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mini Mama...

Ava M had her Father and I in stitches yesterday... you know, those looks that you give each other when you're desperately trying to hold a straight face and not managing very well. You see, Ava has started "feeding" her babies. Until now, they have enjoyed a diet of cups of tea and raisins, but someone has been watching her Mama very closely and decided that what these babies need is milk from THEIR Mama. So David and I did our level best to hold a straight face while Ava wandered round the room with a baby attached to her, having its milk!

She is loving being a Mama! Its so very cute to watch...

Nappy changing preparations...
"Right! I think that's everything..."
"Lie still, Annabelle"
Time to change this nappy!
Finishing off with the traditional foot sniff and comment: "Puh! Stinky, cheesy feet!"
And here's the real Bubba - can't believe she'll be 4 weeks on Monday!

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