Sunday, 3 March 2013

The blessings of hospital...

It's easy to resent this time in Hospital. My last few days with my little girl before I become a mother of 2 and I can only see her for an hour and a half a day. It's easy to ask God, "why all these complications? Why can't it just be straightforward?" But this morning, I've had the time to sit and ponder on the blessings of being in hospital... So here goes!

* Being safe and knowing that our little one is being looked after by a team of incredible midwives and consultants...
* Lie-ins
* Being cooked for
* Time to read
* Time to appreciate my family and friends for their incredible support and prayerfulness
* Missing my husband and daughter - the opportunity to realise how much I take them for granted and re-appreciate them.
* Time to pray
* A really great shower!
* Meeting people from all over the world - I have yet to meet an English midwife - I've had French, Irish, Danish, Chinese and Scottish! So fascinating to get to know them!
* Great friends who have visited me and sent in goodies for me (incidentally, Caramel wafers are INCREDIBLE - thanks Julie!)
* Enforced rest (something I am not very good at!) before life turns hectic.

Thank you Lord for each of these blessings...

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