Friday, 19 April 2013

I am me

I love being a Mama... it is the most rewarding job in the world. However, I do have to admit, I don't always love everything it involves - the wiping noses, nappy changing, endless laundry, repeated questions and clearing up sick... that can be slightly less enjoyable I suppose. And sometimes, its good to remember I'm not "just a Mum". It is such an honour to be a Mama, but that is only part of who I am.

This week, I came across a post by Rachel at Three Years and Home. Talking about her decision to become a Stay at Home Mum, she wrote this post called "I am Me" and invited us to take part. So here goes...

I am a: wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, teacher, cousin, granddaughter, colleague, sister-in-Christ, child of God.

I am sometimes: chatty, excitable, creative, friendly, distracted, organised, messy, optimistic, emotional, control-freak, determined, bossy, happy, forgetful, positive, cross, head-in-the-clouds, a go-getter.

I like: time with my family, creating things, reading the Bible, coffees with friends, playing with my girlies, singing with my husband, writing, blogging, good books, dancing, sewing, getting post, changing seasons, freshly mown grass, building stuff, exploring the USA, Sourmix Haribo, reading blogs, writing to-do lists, teaching, organising, dreaming, deep and meaningfuls, going to church, songwriting, decorating for the season, babies, chic flicks, laughing with my hub, National Trust Houses, playing the piano, taking photos, takeaway food, talking about Jesus, board games, beautiful views, trying new things, baking bread, reading with my girls, buying cute fabric.

I dislike: when my girls are sad, when Dave's away, feeling under pressure, people being disappointed in me, cheating, letting people down, saying "no", scary movies, mushrooms, fish, being cold and wet, not having a project, post-pregnancy tummy, finding grey hairs, being misunderstood, feeling underappreciated, injustice, guilt.

That's me!!


  1. Firstly, I LOVE your blog header. It it was a shop window, I'd definitely be popping in. It's so nice. Thank you so much for joining in with I Am Me; I've thoroughly enjoyed reading so much about everyone. I could copy and paste your dislikes on to my page. I agree with everything. Thank you! Rachel x

  2. really lovely post, Popping across reading and waving xx

  3. Just sitting down to read all these fab #notjustamum posts. I am totally with you on the post baby tummy!


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