Monday, 22 April 2013

Poxy Spots and Giggly Moments...

We were back to being the girls last week, as Dave returned to work on Monday, and amidst the chaos, its been a ton of giggles. Those funny/cute little moments that are so easily forgotten, but just make you stop and want to savour the moment while you're in them. Those little memories I want to snapshot so I don't forget them when my girlies are big and grown and out in the big wide world!

Here's a bit of what we've been up to this week...

Getting trapped...
FINALLY I am able to lift Ava again. My six week recovery period is over, so I no longer need the bathroom stool, the large chair and Ava's mini-chair in order to assist her in and out of her cot. However, someone has clearly enjoyed this climbing business! I was changing the bedding on our bed last Monday morning and started to hear this whingy cry. I finished what I was doing and went into her room, expecting to see her struggling to get some toy out of her cupboard, to discover this...

Yes, the little numpty had climbed into her cot and then discovered that she couldn't get out again. Trapped! I had to work really hard not to laugh out loud and cry in a loud voice "Selberschuld!" (It's your own fault!)

2. Learning to share
Ava is showering affection and love upon her little sister at the moment. Honestly, she is so sweet with her, I only hope it lasts... this week she has been running up to Heidi at every opportunity and saying "Schau mal" (look!) and showing her all her toys and books. One evening last week, after dinner, Ava was keen to make sure Heidi had enough toys to play with...

... poor little button! This affection can, literally, be a bit 'in your face'!

3. Spotville
We have been enjoying the delights of chicken pox this past week. On Tuesday, when putting her pyjamas on her, I noticed 3 telltale blistery spots on Ava's back... by Thursday, she was literally covered from head to toe! I'm not joking when I say she probably had near on 500 spots! Bless her, she's been good as gold, and has barely complained at all. I have tried my best to keep her in the dark - what she doesn't know, can't hurt her, so she has been covered up head to toe in thick clothing and we have avoided mirrors at all costs!

Those nasty spots are all starting to scab over now, and I'm really hopeful we can re-enter the big wide world again in a couple of days... I love my home, but even I start to go a bit stir-crazy after being housebound for a few days!!

So what have you been up to this past week? Anything eventful?!

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  1. Smiling through spots, lovely, hope they go soon.

  2. She looks mighty cute with her chicken pox! Mich x

  3. wow i am so impressed that she is still smiling with chickenpox!! some lovely moments, thank you for sharing with #magicmoments x

  4. Poor baby! I hope Ava is feeling much better. I had shingles (reactivation of chicken pox) last month and I was miserable...and not nearly as cute as Ava in that pox picture. Hope you're back out in the world!

  5. Good that you are getting chicken pox out the way! That climbing thing is dangerous though isn't it? I find the boy in all kinds of predicaments!


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