Saturday, 11 May 2013

Only 24 hours to go...

... And then the lines close... Eek!

I'm not going to put out a desperate plea... I genuinely am still in shock that I was shortlisted! Thankyou SO much to all who got me this far. I love writing this little blog and am very humbled that so many of you lovely people seem to like reading it and find it "inspiring".

If you do want to place a vote, you can just click on the button below!

I've been shortlisted for the BIBs "Inspire" category. Thank you SO much to all of you who nominated me... I am utterly humbled and grateful... and slightly gobsmacked! If you do like the blog and would like to vote for me in the "Inspire" category, you can do so below. Just put a tick in the box beside "Clarina's Contemplations" under the Inspire category! THANKS!


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