Friday, 31 May 2013

The waiting game...

Another night behind us. Another Doctor's round. Another morning of waiting to see what will happen. Heidi had another ECG this morning, we are currently waiting for a blood test, and then she will have her second echo. We are praying that things will have improved, or at least not have gotten worst...

If they can see that she has stabilized, that the Kawasaki's has run its course and no longer proves a danger to her little body, then we may be able to come home this weekend. Coming home on a cocktail of drugs with a lot of uncertainty and a lot of question marks about the future of her coronary arteries.

The Brompton may well become a second home to us.

We ask you to pray for us that the Echo would be positive - that perhaps we might even see some first signs of things healing themselves (although that is unlikely at this early stage), we ask for prayer that Heidi's CRP levels will come down so that we can move her onto low dose Aspirin, rather than the high dose that she is on at the moment (which has its own risks), we ask for wisdom for the Doctors - we want to come home, but we don't want to come home without the assurance that it is safe for Heidi. Please pray that Ava will remain secure and resilient away from Mama and Papa - she is so strong. Pray too that this journey will only prove to strengthen our faith, our reliance on Jesus and our bond as a little family.

So God, we trust in you.
Oh God, we trust in you.
When tears are great, and comforts few
We hope in mercies ever new
We trust in you.


  1. Sending prayers your way...

  2. I am praying a Claire. You are on my mind a lot x


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