Thursday, 16 May 2013

Winding little knots...

I watch you asleep in your hospital bed
All these anxious thoughts running loose in my head
Why have you had such a hard little start?
With each challenge we've faced another knot round my heart.

When I carried you, all those precautions in place,
As they warned me of all the potential complications we'd face
As you tumbled and turned inside of me
Oblivious to the fact that you should not be free
Each concern they'd raise, each worry they'd impart
Just bound you with another little knot around my heart.

And then you came, and ten weeks on
I find myself back here, though it feels so wrong.
Your downy head soft, your breathing catches
Wires all around you, I sleep only in snatches.
And yet in the heartache, I know for sure
That you're in the hands of the One who can cure
The One who loves you more, even, than me
Who died on that cross so that we could be free.

So now as I watch you, I pray that you'll know
The healer who washes you whiter than snow,
Who deals with an illness much deeper within
Than infections and diseases; He'll heal us from sin
And so I entrust you to him in this dark
As you wind your little knots
That bind you to my heart.

I love you, our little Heidi,
Get well soon.

Love Mama xxx

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  1. Oh gosh Claire, what a worry. I had no idea that beautiful little Heidi was poorly - I've been a bit 'absent' on twitter the last few days. I'm so sorry to hear this and will of course be praying alongside you. What a comfort to know that she is in the arms of our Almighty God. Stay strong and I pray healing over her xx

  2. Beautiful Claire, made me cry. Hope she makes a quick recovery! We've all been thinking of you xxxxxxxx

  3. What a heart-breaking poem. She has her angels all around her, protecting her, I'm sure. Sending healing hugs xx

  4. Fab poem - you have a real gift.
    Praying for continued recovery and sustaining peace.

  5. Oh my gosh, this made me cry, what a stunningly beautiful poem. It is so hard because you must feel so helpless at this difficult time. I will pray for you and your little Heidi and wish her better soon. Welcome and thank you so much for linking to Prose for Thought xx

  6. How beautiful. I so hope your little girl is well and strong soon x

  7. So moving. So hard to give them to God - except of course they are his to begin with and he gives them to us. I will pray she gets well soon. xx

  8. I got tears when I read that beautiful poem you have written and all your thoughts and feelings when you are watching little precious Heidi. Praying all will be well.
    Love and tears bestemor.

  9. so heartfelt. I hope that your little one gets well soon. beautiful x

  10. Claire, what a beautiful heartfelt poem. You are so brave! But yes, God has Heidi in his arms and where better for her to be? Praying for you all as a family and for swift healing for Heidi.

  11. Praying for little Heidi Claire and for you, Dave and Ava. God is in control. xxxx

  12. Praying for Heidi and strength to all of you too x This is beautiful.


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