Thursday, 13 June 2013

Gearing up for Father's Day...

This morning, Ava will head off with her Nanny to her beloved "Tots" group... Nearly two years of going twice a week, now, and she can't get enough of it...

Meanwhile, Heidi and I are hitting the town.

Our challenge? Father's Day presents.

Anyone else find guys particularly hard to buy for??

Well, I had a good ol' brainstorm last night, and I can't give too much away (my hub is a regular reader!) so you'll just have to watch this space...

Needless to day, he is in need of something a little bit special from his girlies this year. He has been an absolute rock, this past month, and I genuinely don't think I could have got through it without him.

So I'm happy to have a morning with my Heidichen. She is so bright and perky these days, so different from that sick little baby two weeks ago, and it is such a relief to have her back. Of course, looks can be deceptive, and I can't escape the fact that underneath the surface, her little heart is not as it should be, but it is wonderful to be able to return to some kind of normality again.

Any of you have any ideas and inspiration for Father's Day? Or done/bought/made anything in the past that has gone down a treat?

Please do share!

Two very concerned little girls pondering what they should get Papa for Father's Day...

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