Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Father's Day...

I'm so grateful for all the Dads in my life. My own Dad is wonderful. A voice of wisdom in our lives who we respect and love so much, and who is our very own "Mr Fix It". I genuinely believe he can do anything - he is ultra creative, a problem-solver and I have big plans for all the wonderful projects we can undertake together when he retires (which is, sadly for me, still quite a while away!) Dad is loyal and generous and wise. I'm so grateful to be able to call him my Dad.

My Father-in-law is another Dad in our lives. He has so much time for people and we love that about him. You are never a nuisance to him and he's always good for a cuppa and a chat! Robert... thank you for being who you are, we love you.

And finally, the third Dad in my life; the Father of my children.

These were the faces of my girlies on Wednesday night...

Yes, they were pondering what on earth to get Papa for Father's day. These two are big fans of their Papa... he has been an absolute star this past month... somehow being a solid, stable figure for Ava at home, while still coming in for lots of bonding time and cuddles with his little girly too. They adore him. And we wanted to say a BIG thank you that was meaningful, rather than just a gift for the sake of it...

Lol. Dave and I had a conversation earlier about love languages. He was laughing at the way I wrapped up his presents... this is the way I would like my presents wrapped. It's pretty and it looks nice and he couldn't care less. Ha! It made me chuckle!! I take such joy in wrapping it all up, only for it to be undone in seconds! And really, what guy wants drink cans wrapped up in flowery paper? But I wanted it to match and make a nice little display for this morning!

Little gifts from the girlies - a new CD for Papa and a notebook for him to write his sermon notes in. One happy man! Wrapped up in his paper shirt bag was a tonne of chocolate. Each bar with a little message...

He doesn't fudge it up... not really ever... he is just a fab Daddy to his little girls and I couldn't be more grateful for him.

We love you, Dave.

PS- this may look like a picture perfect Father's Day... it wasn't. The waffles got stuck in the waffle iron, and it was only on my third attempt that I got something semi-decent out of it. Poor Dave spent half the morning scraping waffle remnants from the iron and was left with a sore thumb. The thought was there! Oops!


  1. Did your really make your waffles to look like that? How wonderful! (even if they did stick to the iron!!). I too like a beautifully wrapped and thoughtful gift, sadly I think that this is something that only women are good at....Lovely post x

    1. Lol. I did indeed... sad, aren't I?! I think wrapping the gift is actually as much fun as opening it, though, so even if Dave isn't fussed... I'll carry on making things pretty! x

  2. Wow it sounds like a fab day (sore thumbs and all!) I am loving the pictures honey!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x


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