Monday 1 July 2013

Get Good Summer Linky Party!

The time has come! July 1st, 2013, and we're all set to actually achieve something this summer (I hope!) As I said in my last post, all too often summer passes in a haze of lazy days and I find I've wasted so many hours faffing when I could have done something I've wanted to do for a long time, or had a go at something new and exciting! So here we go!

Nine weeks to achieve my five goals (Get Good Summer ends on the first Monday in September...) Hope I'm not being too ambitious!

1. Half hour exercise every day
This was one of my goals last year, which completely went to pot when I discovered I was pregnant, and spent the rest of the summer feeling sick and hanging my head over the toilet. Nice. Getting rid of my pregnancy weight is high on my to-do list, and at the end of the day, I just FEEL so much better when I've had a bit of exercise... so I'm going to be doing a lot of cycling, swimming in the Norwegian fjords, and I might try my hand at a new sport... any suggestions?!? I'm feeling the love for Pilates or something like that, but feeling a bit nervous about joining up to something... hmmm... well... its a Get Good Goal now, so I'd better act on it!

2. Make homemade lemonade
This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do! A couple of years ago, some friends came to visit and brought with them some homemade lemonade. It was DELICIOUS and I decided there and then that one day I would have a go at making up some of my own. Well, life happened. And it was busy, and I've never got round to doing it, mainly because there are always more important/pressing things to be doing. But thats the whole point of Get Good Summer, and so I'm pleased to finally have an excuse to give it a go!

3. Read through the Bible
I'm pretty sure I have read all of the Bible at some point, but I have jumped around and dipped in and out. When David gave me my journalling Bible at Easter, I was pretty determined to finally attempt to work my way right through, beginning to end. I know I won't achieve that this Summer (reading the WHOLE Bible is perhaps a bit ambitious in 9 weeks) but I want to make a good go at it, and my aim is to read my way through Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus by the start of September...

4. Scrapbook for Heidi
When Ava was born, I made this beautiful scrapbook for her, in which I stuck in all her scan photos, name bracelet and general memorabilia... it covered the first four months of her life, and I hope it will be something she will cherish forever. I realised with horror, that Heidi is 4 months this week... and I haven't even started. So much packed into these four months, and actually I think documenting these past few months will be really important for her as well as we try to explain her Kawasakis to her and as she comes to terms with that. So I need to get my photos printed and dig out all her things to stick into it!

5. Make three things from this book
In the midst of Heidi's illness, somebody from church very sweetly gave me this book. I LOVE it! It has such cute things in it and they are really easy to make, so I'd like to have a go at making three of them this summer!

Last year was, in the midst of morning sickness, a total disaster!

This year is going to be a success. I've decided (!!) I'm hopeful that running this linky will give me the incentive to keep going and actually make these nine weeks of summer count for something...

So here's what you've got to do...

Join up your "Get Good Summer" goals post to the linky below and share your 5 goals for this summer - they can be as varied and random as you like. Just five things that you have wanted to do, but have lacked the enthusiasm/incentive to do them. Here's your chance! Then each Monday, link back here and let us know how you're getting on! I will be doing the rounds checking out each of your posts, stealing some ideas, no doubt, and sharing some comment love. Why not take a look at some other bloggers Get Good Summer Goals and get some inspiration?

Feel free to use the button on your blog as well!

If you aren't a blogger, just share your goals in the comments section -  we'd love you to join us and make this a "Get Good Summer!"

Here we go... !!!

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  1. I really love this idea Clara and particularly fancy the 'homemade lemonade' idea! Are you going to keep us all updated on how you're getting on? I've got some plans for summer too so hope to join in at some point - does it matter when?

    1. This linky will be open until Sunday for people to put up their "Get Good Goals", then we'll be linking up every Monday to show how we're getting on, so you can join in at whatever point you like! Would love to have you!! Claire x

  2. Here's my bucket list 1) plant tubs with summer bulbs, bought but still waiting to be planted. 2) De-clutter bedroom cupboards. 3) Shorten two very full and long skirts. 4) visit somewhere I've not been before
    5)I'm not very fit, since our dog has got older and only goes for short walks so have decided to go for a country walk at at least twice a week.

  3. I love homemade lemonade! I've used this recipe ( before and it's amazing. I like to drink it neat but you can dilute it with extra still or sparkling water. If you use a different recipe and it's good, do share. :-)

  4. Great idea! Summer hols still seem a long way off but here are my 5: 1. Try a new recipe each week.
    2. Have a holiday away with my lovely husband and dog!
    3. Strip all the paint from our bannisters (this will take hours!)
    4. Declutter our house.
    5. Work up to running 10 miles again. I'd highly recommend running btw Claire! It's cheap, easy and you feel great afterwards :)

  5. 1) clear back room of unnecessary clutter before the builders step in later in the year!
    2) read for at least half an hour every day
    3) maintain my quiet time over the summer no easy feat with a teenager constantly interrupting!
    4) try to learn a little more French whilst on holiday there in August
    5) to end the summer more fit and not stressed as normal after having a teenager round me for 6 weeks......Lol

  6. Yes, you've got the exercise thing going on too. These babies don't half make an impact on our bodies. I love the idea of homemade lemonade. If you find the perfect recipe, please share it. I won't be linking up every Monday but will check in every couple of weeks to share progress updates. Such a lovely idea for a linky.

  7. You should add ... visit Austria to your list ;-)

    I won´t join - unfortunately- because my only goal this summer is to survive - somehow ;-)

    xxx Catrin

  8. Having trouble with images on the laptop that I'm using but will add photos to my post soon!! EXCITED for these challenges!

  9. Great goals, well done and good luck. I'm joining up tomorrow. Mich x

  10. Whoops too late to add my post to the linky!

    Mich x


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