Monday, 29 July 2013

#GetGoodSummer Linky Party: Week Four

It's that time again... from the sunny fjords of Norway!

Link up your #GetGoodSummer Bucket lists below! I've been so encouraged to keep going by you all! These next three weeks in Norway, I'm intending to focus on getting rid of this pregnancy weight and getting fit. Watching my husband doing this crazy "Insanity" workout has made me determined to sort myself out too! Watch this space...!

Link up your week four posts, and please have a read of a couple of other links and leave some comment love. There's nothing so encouraging as receiving a supportive word or two from someone else!! I'll be making sure I work my way round all of you over the course of the week!
If you aren't a blogger, just leave a comment and let us now how you're getting on!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hope you're enjoying the fjords, Claire! I've finally made a start on my 5 :) Am really enjoying going for longer runs (not sure the dog shares my enthusiasm though), have tried a new fish recipe, booked our holiday to Northern Ireland and spent a frustratingly slow hour stripping paint from our bannisters. I haven't managed to summon the will to de-clutter but will try to do some before next week! xx

  2. Having to do this on mobile as computer on the blink. Only managed 1 walk for the last 2weeks. Blisters and the heat. Hoping to do better this week
    2 skirts now shortened, bedroom cupboards decluttered, bulbs planted and growing and have joined national trust so will be looking to go somewhere I've not been before. Maybe even several. Any suggestions for interesting places would be welcome.

  3. Hi Claire! Norway sounds like a great place to get fit! You are doing so well! Here's how I'm getting on- I've done something crafty or bake with L everyday, not sure that's too good for the waistline but we are loving the baking/making things. I' m waiting for the weather to be less hot to paint the cabinets but am making jam in the meantime with our rhubarb. Doing only one formal outing per day has been very good actually and I' m actually enjoying doing things slowly. C and I have agreed a night when we'll discuss our will in depth, then we'll have to choose a sollicitor to make it all formal-if we can manage these 2 things, I'll be very happy! For the pouf (have checked the spelling this time!), I've decided on the fabric and will buy it on Wednesday.Will probably make it at the very end of the holidays as I won't be here for most of it but I'll have the necessary bits to get it's getting there slowly! Good luck with yours but I know you'll get them done! On a different note, thanks to you I got that scrapbook and have started making one with L's help. This will be my first one so not sure what it's going to be like but as long as we have fun doing it, that's what matters,isn't it?!? Enjoy Norway!xxx

  4. Hope you having a fab time in Norway. I am impressed and motivated by your dedication to continuing whilst your on holiday. Not sure I will be able to say the same in 3 weeks when we go away, lol. Love Lynne xx


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