Sunday, 18 August 2013

#GetGoodSummer Homemade Bunting

I love bunting... I love the way it just makes a place feel homely and cottagey and cute, no matter how bland the venue... I also love the fact that it's totally easy to make, makes a great present, and knocks off one of my #GetGoodSummer goals all at once!

So here you have it: How to make easy, but lovely bunting...

Step One: Pick out some gorgeous coordinating fabric to make your bunting. I knew my sister-in-law loves red, so I decided to go for a red/cream combo... that way, it can be used for christmas too!

 Step Two: Using a self-drawn template (choose the size you want, but allow an extra half inch), draw the outline onto the back of the material for however many triangles you want. I had 12. Then pin them front sides facing.

Step Three: Using your preferred method of sewing (machine or hand) sew round the long sides of the triangles, but not along the top.

Step Four: Then turn your triangles inside out and iron!

Step Five:  Finally, fold some bias binding over the top of your triangles, spread them out and voila...

... you have beautiful bunting!

Another goal ticked on my #GetGoodSummer! Phew!

Why not give it a go??


  1. Ah, you can't beat bunting for cheering the place up :)

  2. I love bunting too. I made lots for one of Laura's parties which took place at the school pool before the old canteen/nursery was demolished. Such a boring space until I put all the bunting up!! She loved it x

  3. Have just made some for my grandaughter's room with a cushion to match . A good project. Hope Heidi's temperature has come down.


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