Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Home Comforts...

We are home.

We have had a wonderful time away, but it is so nice to be home. Home to books and toys, loads of washing, Nanny and Grandpa and my own bed. There is nothing quite like your own bed, is there?

We are doing a quick turnaround. Unpacking. Washing. Drying. Repacking. On Saturday we head out to Northern Ireland and I can't wait. Back to the homeland. Back to the place where so many of my childhood memories are found. Back to windy roads and rainy days and Timinees ice-cream.

But I'm cherishing these in-between days... home days with my girlies to read books, go to the library, play in the garden and giggle. Papa is coming home early from work and the sun is shining. One little lady didn't want her 3rd nap today... she didn't want to miss out on the fun, but she just can't hack it yet... she's still my little Bubba and boy does she love her sleep. As we drove home from my parents this evening, with the rain drumming on the car roof, this happened...


Who can blame her?! I might just go do that myself!

Do you like coming home after a holiday? What do you miss when you are away? Do you have home comforts?

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  1. After our week in Cornwall, I just wanted my own bed - it is the most comfy bed in the world. I also missed my garden and couldn't wait to get home and see how the tomatoes and cucumbers were doing!


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