Thursday, 19 September 2013

Autumn's arrived in our house!

At the weekend, we packed the girls in the buggy and headed to our local conker tree to collect some much needed autumn decorations. I was sorely disappointed! They haven't fallen yet!

So we had to improvise... here's what autumn has brought to our humble abode this year!

Scented candles... its all about scented candles!
I made this sign a couple of years ago and its making an appearance for the
3rd year running! Its served me well!
I love this candle... I think its possibly my favourite scented candle ever...
and its definitely my favourite autumn scented candle ever!
Last year I went on about how sad I was you couldn't get mini pumpkins in
the UK... and my lovely friend Lynn stepped in! Thank you Lynn!
Is it OK that I re-used last years conkers?!
We still have a few touches of summer that need to be autumnised... 

... watch this space!

Any of you decorating for the season?!

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  1. Yes, you've guessed it I love autumn too and couldn't resist linking up an old post (hope that's allowed). It's actually the first post I wrote for my blog and all about why it's my favourite time of year.
    I love your displays and wish I could smell that candle - I'll just have to imagine. As for the conkers, I would never have known that they weren't this year's!

  2. Lovely 'gourds' Claire! lol I love the way you decorate your house for the seasons. I just may start doing it!


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