Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cookies, cocoa and creation!

Just over a week ago, I was very excited to be handed this book...

It's right up my street, and I'm so excited that the Good Book Company have brought it out! Aimed at little ones, it weaves Bible stories and easy, child-friendly recipes effortlessly together to make a fantastic resource which gives a wonderful Bible overview in a fun and creative way. I'm sold!

Over the past couple of weeks, Ava and I have been thinking lots about God's creation - we've been reading stories, singing songs, going on nature walks, making collages, and so I was very excited to discover that the very first recipe page in "Bake through the Bible" is called "God makes everything"

We donned our aprons and off we went!

Each double page in the book has a bible story and a prayer followed by a recipe which supports the story and encourages further discussion. While we were baking, Ava and I were able to talk about all the good things God had made and Ava chose a tree, a man and a star as the cutters she wanted. She enjoyed rolling out the dough (into which had sneaked 50g of cocoa powder that was NOT meant to be in there, but which had been left in the scales from a recipe I'd baked the day before and got so mixed up with the flour, it had to go in!! Lets just say no one was complaining!) and she loved cutting out all the shapes and placing them on the baking tray.

It was a fun-filled, quality-time-together activity that really did underpin all the conversations we'd been having that week.

And, of course, we thoroughly enjoyed eating our "Creation Cookies" afterwards too!

You can buy the book through the Good Book Company - it would make a fab gift for any family with children aged 2-7... and with Christmas coming...

I'll leave you with its two lovely authors...

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  1. lovely biscuits :) and any book that aids cooking with our little ones is good in my view.



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