Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cosy days...

There is something lovely about cosy, rainy days; the ones where you're shut inside in the warm while the rain patters on the windows. Yesterday, after my mad-dash clean (see yesterday's post), the girls and I snuggled up on the sofa with a cuppa, some "Fifteens" (my lovely friend Jenny reintroduced me to these cakes I hadn't had since I was a kid... recipe to follow!) and one HUGE pile of library books. Pretty close to perfection in my book.

My girls love to read, and so do I. We hit the library once a fortnight and stock up on a few new reads... We're pretty predictable and pretty much go for the same authors every time. Once we've exhausted them, perhaps we'll branch out, but for now, here's what the girls are loving...

These are a recent discovery, but the stories are SO cute. Ava is making me read them on repeat!
Maisie is an absolute favourite... The stories are short and sweet and Ava loves them!

We are probably the biggest users of the library's bilingual section!
Anything Julia Donaldson is a winner in my book!
And our favourite two non-library books at the moment...

She never gets bored of this one!
This is a recent discovery! A very successful one!

(OK... Heidi pretty much loves anything she can put in her mouth, so she tends to have one of our own books that I know where it's been while we read the library ones!)

We had a lovely cosy afternoon reading, and then we played "Shopping List" again, and again... and again!

What do you like to do on a rainy afternoon???

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  1. We like to snuggle on the sofa, with a roaring fire on the go and watch a family film - preferably one of the golden oldies like Wizard of Oz.



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