Friday, 25 October 2013

Lessons learned when you are sick...

On Wednesday night I got hit by a tummy bug... thankfully just one of those 24 hour ones. Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day in bed. I felt rough.

But there are life lessons in illness! Here's what I learnt yesterday...

1. That you don't realise how much you cuddle your babies til you can't.
2. That it physically hurts when they look up at you with those pleading eyes and you can't just scoop 'em right up and cover them in kisses.
3. That my Mum is UTTERLY amazing and drops everything for our family.
4. That my girls adore their Nanny (my Mum) and have no problem being whisked away while Mama recovers.
5. That two-year-olds are really, really naughty when they know their Mama is weakened.
6. That next door's hoover is really loud through the walls.
7. That Ryvita never tasted so good.
8. That you don't appreciate feeling well until you feel ill, and then you can't remember what it feels like to feel well.
9. That a 24 hour bug is a mercy, because its exactly that - 24 hours.
10. That flat lemonade is the best medicine ever.

So there you have it! I'm feeling SO much better now, and thankful to all of you who sent prayers and well-wishes my way.

I feel very loved.

Happy half-term everyone!


  1. Imagine what it must be like for people who suffer with illness everyday of their lives....for weeks, months, years?

  2. 1: That having children is a blessing and miracle for some. Some can't have children due to life long illnesses.
    2: Some people would do anything to be able to change their child's nappy but can't due to illness on a day to day basis.
    3: Some people would do anything to play and teach their sons football.
    4: Some people don't have family friends to help when their sick.
    5: Some people would do anything to be able to bath their children.
    6: you could be having the worse day ever but being the abled bodied person of the house you just have to get on with it regardless.
    7: That people take for granted the simple things in life.
    8: That we worry and stress about silly little things when their are far greater things to worry and stress about.
    9: That doing daily task such as a shower, can take a whole day planning an organising.
    10: That becoming a parent you realise so many things its amazing.
    My list could go on about lessons learned due to illness but won't.

  3. From what you have learned does it not make you want to reach out and help people? Maybe as part of your church?

    1. Absolutely yes to both of you! A 24hr bug teaches you to be grateful and appreciate and have SO much respect for those battling long-term/chronic illness. Its humbling when you realise you get so fed up after 24 hrs when this is the day in day out slog for some ppl with no hope of things getting significantly better. Fab idea Rachel... we do have a big ministry for those with learning disabilities and also care and support for those within the church with long-term/chronic illness, but i love the idea of helping those in the local community. from your experience, what would be the biggest help to people? meals, time, friendship, childcare, lifts to appointments etc? Suggestions welcome!


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