Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Answering the "why?" question...

There should, most definitely, be an entry in any toddler milestone book, that refers to this question. Ava discovered its use over the Christmas holidays, and these days, pretty much any conversation is a constant string of this word on repetition.

Lately, I have found myself getting sucked into its never ending cycle until I hit boiling point and then cry out, in an exasperated tone...

"Oh Ava...I just don't KNOW!"

I've started to get savvy, and am getting somewhat better at nipping the string of "whys" in the bud... But yesterday? Well, yesterday I got victory.

For the first time, I stumped her!

The conversation went something like this... (I've translated it into English for the benefit of the masses... Sorry German speakers!)

Mama: Ava, hurry up with your breakfast now, because I need to put Heidi to bed (yes, Heidi has a nap at 9am... I know, she's only been up 2 hours, but this girl likes her sleep!)
Ava: Why?
Mama: Because she's tired
Ava: Why?
Mama: Because babies need more sleep
Ava: Why?
Mama: Because they run out of energy quicker
Ava: Why?
Mama: Because they're smaller
Ava: Why?
Mama: (seriously exasperated!) Because a grown-up wouldn't very well have fit in Mama's tummy, would they?!?

At this point, she rocks back on her chair, eyes wide, with a horrified look on her face and says emphatically...

"No they would not!"

Wot So Funee?


  1. Laughter is a great way to start the day off....thanks have a good day

  2. Genius! And so much more satisfying than "because I said so!"

  3. Always answer a question with a question - stops them in their tracks. Thanks so much for joining in :)


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