Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Thoughts on Puddle-jumping...

Puddle-jumping. Its a skill I've tried to get good at this past year. In all the storms and the dark days, to find the little puddles of hope... those puddles that bring joy when it seems like the rain is never ending...

A reminder of a promise.

Last week we went for a walk with our lovely friends. It was a brief break in the downpour that has consumed the last two months. We headed to the park; the kids geared up in rain trousers, wellies and waterproofs and excited at every muddy track, and puddle-pool. Thrilled that their Mamas were letting them jump and run and get themselves covered in a rainy-day concoction of mud and water.

The sun shone through the grey clouds and we soaked in the sunshine, relaxing and chatting and savouring the opportunity to get outside. These past couple of months have been challenging with little ones... the rain is one thing, but the gale-force winds, and the risk of cold for a little girl who can't afford to get ill, has kept us a little more housebound than I would have liked.

That evening I got to thinking about how precious puddles are - pure fun, reckless abandon, hope, joy... a symbol of the calm after the storm - those still pools that slowly but surely dry up, as the sun pours down on them...

And about how those still-standing puddles, inviting little feet to fill them with ripples, are often accompanied by that beautiful symbol of hope - the rainbow. A symbol of God's faithfulness through the storm, his promise of rescue, his sovereignty and a reminder that nothing is out of his control.

Oh, how I have needed that this past year.

For now, we look forward with hope. Spring is coming. Slowly but surely, those puddle-pools will dry up and begin their cycle all over again... somewhere else, this time.

And in all the seasons, the hope remains...

God is faithful.

Because of the Lord's great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness
- Lamentations 3:21-23 -


  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for this reminder - I really need to be reminding myself of God's goodness and faithfulness at the moment and this has helped :)

  2. Well, that puts all those annoying puddles in a whole new light. Maybe - maybe - I'll let the Boy get his trousers a little wet next time we go out...

  3. Ahh a beautiful reflection, hope certainly does remain and you have been such a faithful servant and so steadfast this past year whilst your world has been thrown upside down. We are always told to be the best us we can be and you do an amazing job flying the flag for us Christians Claire. Mich x

  4. A beautiful reminder of the God's faithfulness x

  5. This is beautiful in every way Claire, not just the words but the pictures too. Thank you for a lovely reminder. The rainbow is always a wonderful symbol of Hope isn't it? x

  6. wow that is a mega-puddle in that photo. So thought-provoking to think of puddles like that. x

  7. We went puddle walking at Pen ponds this afternoon.... so 2 10 or 17 the therapy is great calming and a reminder how the Lord heals us in gentle way x


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