Saturday, 12 April 2014

Watch out Wales... Here we come!

Photo Courtesy of "Word Alive Event"
The much awaited time has come. This morning, as you read this, we will be travelling up to Wales for "Word Alive" - one of the highlights of our year. Accompanied by 76 others from our church, we are looking forward to joining a couple of thousand others for a fantastic week of great Bible-teaching, beautiful seaside walks and time with family and friends. Over the years, this conference week has come to mean so much. It's the conference Dave and I realised how we felt about each other, it's the conference we served on the youth team for for 5 years, it's the conference we took our 5 week old baby to last year before the nightmare of the following few weeks set it.

It is a conference I have been broken at, overjoyed at, hopeful at... Every range of emotions.


Because every year I come home challenged and changed by the Gospel.

The beautiful truth that the Saviour loved me enough to die for me... Broken, messed up, reckless little me... free grace for me... at a huge cost to Him.

A beautiful, raw, incredible truth. And soaking myself in it for 6 days refreshes it all anew.

So join us for the ride! These next few days I will be posting pictures of what we get up to...

Check in and take a look!

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