Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Austria-bound: Ava's travel pack!

Today we fly back to Austria... My "home away from home" and the place where our multilingual journey began! I am SO excited to see everyone again, and excited to see what ten days immersed in pure German will do for my girls language (OK - pure German it is not... The dialect here is SUPER strong!)

What I am NOT so excited about is the flight. Two hours belted in a plane on my own with two toddlers. Yikes! Heidi, who has to sit on my lap, will no doubt want to be patrolling the aisles with her new-found walking skills, and Ava, who can not sit on my lap, will no doubt want to be right there where Heidi is.

Could be interesting.

And so, I began to think, how could I make sure I did not have a full scale tantrum on my hands when Ava discovers she is NOT allowed to sit on Mama's lap on the plane? And how on earth am I going to keep her occupied for two hours without being able to run around!

She needed a travel pack!

A little parcel for a little lady to unwrap to keep her occupied on the plane!

So last week, I popped into town and picked up some little goodies that cost me a grand total of £4!

I wrapped them up in a brown paper bag...

And made them look pretty...

So hopefully I'll have a happy little lady on board!

I'll tell you if it works!

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