Friday, 16 May 2014

Kindi Kid!

One of the highlights of our time here has been Ava´s total immersion into German language. From the moment she was born, this girl has lived in a multilingual world... hearing a combination of English, German and Norwegian all of the time.

For the first time in her life... these ten days have been full immersion into one language.

As a non-playgrouper (she´ll start nursery in September), and sometimes of a sensitive nature, I wasn´t so sure how full immersion into German-speaking Kindergarten (where most of the other children are 3 or over) in a foreign country, with people she didn´t know at all would go down with my big girl.

I needn´t have worried.

She has stunned us all.

And I´m having to gulp and realise that my little Ava is turning all grown up on me.

 We found out she has a definite place in our local School Nursery for September last weekend.

This week`s been wonderful preparation.

And I´ve realised its going to be me finding it hard to say goodbye... not her!

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  1. That looks like a gorgeous kindergarten, no wonder she's off like a shot!


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