Friday, 20 June 2014

From lows to highs...

Last night we were all feeling pretty down in the dumps after the England match. Another disappointing attempt after what had seemed quite exciting on Saturday night. But hey ho, life goes on, and in the meantime, I've become a full blown Italy supporter. Just gotta beat Costa Rica...

But down in the dumps is NOT where I'm going to stay, because today I'm heading up to London for my very first blogging conference and I can't wait! I'm so excited to catch up with some lovely friends I made back at Christmas, and I'm looking forward to meeting other bloggers I've grown to really respect this past year. This time last year, I watched the whole conference unroll over twitter, and thought to myself, "I'd like to be there next year", but at that point I was nursing a baby on four high doses of aspirin a day, fresh out of a month-long stay in hospital with aneurysm ridden arteries and a lot more on my plate than blogging conferences.

Oh, how sweet time is. It gives perspective and brings healing. Healing to sad souls, and heavy hearts and small babies with Kawasaki Disease.

God is SO good.

And so I head off today feeling lighter than I ever could have imagined I could feel this time last year. Yes, our darling girl still has aneurysms... But three problematic arteries have become one, and that one seems to be making a gradual return to "normal"... Daily medication is now normality, and our gorgeous bundle of joy is walking, and talking and fighting fit.

So I'm going thankful, heading off to learn how to take better photographs, and how to be an agent of change, and how to be a better writer, and how to make my blog look prettier! 

So watch this space!


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