Monday, 21 July 2014



* Post Ava's birthday invitations
* Organise baby equipment for Norway
* Finish washing all clothes
* Birthday presents - pack and send
* Lay out stuff ready to pack
* Organise garden watering
* Use up fridge leftovers
* Change all bedding
* Dust and Hoover whole house
* Organise girls travel packs
* Wedding Anniversary!
* Pick up H's meds
* Buy nappies!
* Clean bathroom
* Buy Ava a new sun hat
* Shop in town to get last minute holiday essentials
* Finish ordering Ava's bday pressies
* Hair cut??
And last but not least,
* Spend time with friends visiting from Austria!

Phew... Anyone else find the last few days before travelling a bit manic?! It's SO worth it every year, but the two or three days before we leave, I always start to feel an overwhelmed sense of panic. How on EARTH am I going to get everything done?!

Well, if you're looking for me over the next couple of days, I'll probably have my head stuck in a washing machine doing my 14th load, or be last-minute-shopping online, or be cleaning the house from top to bottom...


Just remember. In four days, I'll be sitting fjordside, watching my girls scurry in ice-cold water trying to clamber into the boat for a ride out with Papa while I sip on a nice cold orange juice.



  1. Sounds lovely! (Fjordside orange juice, not getting your head stuck in a washing machine, of course). What language do you speak to your in laws?

  2. Absolutely! And I always try to clean the entire house before going away too! Madness. Have a wonderfully relaxing holiday x


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