Thursday, 31 July 2014

Get Good Summer: Week Five!

Well, we're half way there people!! How are you getting on?!

We have had a lovely start to our holiday... and, with the exception of Sunday (the day of rest, don't you know! ;-p) I have been fjord swimming every day! It is utterly fabulous, and so much easier than last year as the weather has been beautiful. This year, so far, there has been no swimming in pouring rain or thunderstorms!

Because the weather has been so lovely, the girls have been joining us in the fjords. They have no fear of the ice-cold water, and I've been so impressed by how they just blast on in there! Heidi is always a little cautious at the start, but within minutes she's happy in fjord water up to her chin, swimming around and practicing kicking those little legs.

Perhaps we'll get Ava swimming by the end of our time here... who knows?!

As for me, its been fabulous to get right out into that wide, deep fjord, breath in the views and just keep swimming til the initial bite of the cold turns warm.

I have also cheated a little.

Last year, I braved the icey waters in a tankini and a t-shirt, this year, my lovely mother-in-law has lent me her wetsuit, so on the slightly chillier days I've been going out wearing that. I must admit, it makes that icey entrance a little less shivery! On the hotter days, I've been braving it in my swimsuit. There is just something lovely about icey-cold water when its boiling outside!!

Can you spot us?!

Other than that, I am well and truly relaxing... and having a wonderful time of it :D

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  1. It sounds fabulous Claire! Though I think I would definitely prefer the wetsuit! :) xx

  2. This looks beautiful! I could so with a swim in a cold fjord in tis heat :) x

  3. Would definitely have to wear a wetsuit. I'm a wimp! Looks lovely though. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  4. Sounds amazing! Good luck with Ava, i'm sure she'll join in soon xx

  5. This looks suspiciously like an exciting holiday is covering up a lack of progress on the goals - Claire how could you?! Hehe, I will be exactly the same over the next two weeks. Enjoy the break!


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