Thursday, 7 August 2014

Get Good Summer: Week Six

You could argue its been a productive week... then again, you could argue its been the biggest failure of my #GetGoodSummer so far! This week I've read five books, made 12 metres of bunting, organised all the table decorations for a party of nearly 80 people and been in the fjord most days...

The only problem is, I haven't met ANY of my goals! The five books were on my Kindle, not the pile of library books I'm supposed to be working through, I may have made 12 metres of bunting, but have not sewn a stitch on the girls' dresses, the decorations were not for Ava's Safari party, but for a family reunion taking place this weeken (more on that tomorrow!) and my fjord going has been purely paddling - not swimming!


Still, I refuse to feel down about it... a productive week is a productive week!

Better next week, right?!

How are YOU all getting on?? I'm hoping better than me!

Link up below and leave a comment on all those taking part! (Apologies I have yet to do the rounds for last week... I have limited internet access here, but it will be done!)


  1. I think you're right - a productive week is a productive week so well done! Not that I had one though...x

  2. A productive week is indeed a productive week and just look how happy you look in that photo, that has to be worth more than achieveing a list. Mich x

  3. It sounds like you have been busy, I think that is good, there is always next week for your specific goals. x

  4. Oh well, life us not really about to do lists...

    Enjoy your time and give lots of love to Magni and everyone else!!

    Xxx Catrin

  5. Five books?! Holy moly that's two years reading for me! Hope you're having a fab holiday x

  6. I'm not surprised you haven't managed to meet your goals with all of that going on! Anyway I think books are books so they should count ;) sounds like a fab week and love that gorgeous photo of you all!! Xx

  7. You have been busy! All good though. There's always next week to tackle the goals!

  8. That still sounds incredibly productive to me!! And there are still plenty of weeks to go!


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