Thursday, 14 August 2014

#GetGoodSummer: Week Seven

Another week down and at least I can say there's one goal I am working my way through!

After a busy week last week, this week I've kick my feet up and had a nice relaxing one; I have gone for walks with my hub, sat by the fjord in the sunshine and worked my way through two of the books on my #GetGoodSummer library books list! Here's a little update if you're after some good books to read!

1. The Lucky One, Nicholas Sparks
During my late teens, I worked my way through a number of Sparks novels. A great storyteller, and always with a good twist, I thought it was time to pick up another... And this one didn't disappoint. Another great storyline, some great twists along the way, and some really likeable, and of course unlikeable, characters, The Lucky One tells the story of an ex-Marine who searches out a girl from a photograph he found while serving in Iraq and the twists and turns that follow their meeting. A real page turner.

2. Aprons and Silver Spoons, Mollie Morran
While I enjoyed the Sparks novel, I loved this one! If you're a fan of Downton Abbey, or period dramas of any description, you'll enjoy this one. It's the real-life Memoirs of Mollie Moran, a now 96 year old 1930s scullery maid. The book is full of wit and humour and fascinating storytelling and I absolutely devoured it! If you love a bit of living history told in a really fun and accessible way, then get this on your bookshelf!

So its been a productive week in a slightly more relaxing way. 

But I'm not going to complain about that, am I?!

How are you all getting on??


  1. These both sound fab, although i can't comprehend reading a book that fast ever again!! Well done you :-)

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to work through the list - and I like the sound of the Mollie Moran book - have you read The Lady's Maid by Rose Harrison - she was Nancy Astor's lady's maid in a similar period and it's fascinating and funny - such a different era!

  3. Thanks for the book recommendations. Now I've completed my goal to actually finish reading a book cover to cover, I'm looking for some new authors to try.

  4. I didn't write reading on my summer list because I knew it would be a struggle! But for me, reading is a great form of relaxation and I intend to do some when we are on hols next week. I've read that Jodi Picoult novel - fab as always! x

  5. Sounds like such a lovely relaxed week and yay it counts towards your goals!! The books sound fab and I particularly like the sound of the period one! Xx #getgoodsummer

  6. Both those books sound really interesting, will have to add them to my ever-growing list! It also sounds like you've had a really relaxing week, which must be lovely :)


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