Monday 18 August 2014

It's the goats again!

Today we head back to the UK... we have had an incredible time away, but as always, once the packing begins, the "heimweh" returns; we are ready to head back to our little patch of Britain. I have loved documenting our trip away, and am ready to return to the blog with a vengeance. I've had a good break, and my head is now swimming with ideas!

Of course, for the last holiday entry, it had to be this...

Last year, the absolute highlight of our trip to Norway for Ava was a visit to the goats. Our big girl is a TOTAL animal lover (no idea where she's inherited that gene from!) and given that last year, her favourite story in the whole world was Heidi and the goats, it was bound to be a success.

This year, we found, to our dismay, that returning to the same place was going to be impossible, and so Bestemor got to work on seeking out some alternative goats for a little Ava loving.

We headed to another farm in the valley who had a whole bunch of goat kids out in the fields, and Ava - a scratched arm, a goat nibble and an electric shock from an electric fence later (don't ask!) - rushed in to be surrounded by a haggle of nibbly goat friends!

They were a little less chilled out than our goat friends from last year - very inquisitive, and very hungry! They tried to eat our wellies, our t-shirts and our shorts and I think, on this occasion, even Ava was relieved when we finally got out of there!

Heidi was quite happy to look on from a distance!

But we all escaped... with a few more holes in our t-shirts than were there before, but smiling nevertheless!

Not quite the serene scenes of last year, but its all part of the adventure, right?!

We'll see you back in England!

PS - Happy birthday Uncle Hans!

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